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About Our Terrariums

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.
– Lao Tzu


Colorful living desert landscapes of layered sandy soil, pebbles, lichen, sea urchin fossils and carefully arranged succulents plump with precious moisture. Vibrant sturdy plants and spare, still terrains provide a colorful collage for any interior space. These miniature worlds give far more than they receive, requiring very little care, and make the perfect gift for any occasion, in any season or simply to brighten the day.


Moist, lush landscapes on organic soil. Lake Champlain Iberville shale, and locally foraged moss from the old tree stumps and hilly knolls of Vermont, shaded under a canopy of diverse tropical plants. Each one-of-a-kind living landscape brings the outside in, quietly allowing the imagination to roam and dream. These self-enclosed terrariums maintain their moisture by recycling droplets of water through natural condensation in a self-contained, self-replenishing miniature ecosystem that requires no watering. Mother Nature at her best, doing what comes naturally, greeting you each morning and providing a restful pause at the end of your day.

We Are Muddy Toes

We have many different kinds of terrariums to fit your lifestyle and decor, sizes ranging from small and desk-worthy, to table centerpieces. Whether you prefer succulents, or something more tropical, Muddy Toes can help you bring the outside in.

Come Explore

Curious? See the short video below to preview the glass blowing process and learn more about how terrariums are made.

I love my Muddy Toes terrarium! It’s elegant and unique, and requires virtually no care. I love knowing that I’m supporting local businesses!”

Elizabeth Ganley-Roper